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Life snapshot - sample Tarot reading

A case study

A devoted father is struggling to bring up his two daughters on his own. He has been going through a bad patch and has been having emotional outbursts, which have alienated his friends and colleagues. The cards don't paint a rosy picture of the various aspects of his life, but the Knight of Swords seems to hold the key to improving things, advising him on how he can best deal with his anger.

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There is a strong presence of the suit of Swords. Many Swords in readings refer to what you or others are thinking. Swords relate to ideas, plans, concepts and mis-conceptions. They may also be about conflict

There is a theme of achievement and success with the cards of Ten of Coins and Six of Wands. There is also a theme of justice and truth with the cards of Knight of Swords and Knight of Swords

You have 2 Knights. A Knight can represent a teenager or young adult, but more often they represent the adolescent spirit, constantly in motion and looking for something new. When you see more than one Knight it can be the cards way of asking you to be more spirited and adventurous, indicating a good time for action. However, they may also be warning you to keep your unruly, tempestuous or self-righteous sides in check.

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