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About the Tarot

Tarot is a means of divination - that is, the art of 'reading' the future or uncovering the unknown. The tarot consists of a set of playing cards which are dealt into a particular lay-out according to your question. When dealing the cards you should focus on a particular problem you may be experiencing or think about an aspect of your life about which you'd like more clarity.

Traditionally the tarot has been interpreted by a 'tarot-reader' - either professional or amateur. More recently, however, computers have been used more often to give readings online or on CD Roms etc.. One of the services this site offers, for instance, is online readings and their interpretations. There is a common theory that only readings with a professional tarot reader can give you an accurate interpretation of your situation. Whilst we believe that having a professional reader interpret your readings is very valuable (particularly in very specific situations where general readings can’t give you the full picture), we also believe that online readings are a very useful tool for providing guidance in everyday life and everyday problems that all people experience at one time or another. In essence, both online, automated readings and personal readings have a place in people’s lives.

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Many people are skeptical or fearful of the 'fortune-telling' aspect of tarot and do not want to become involved in its use. However, there is evidence in the history of tarot to suggest that tarot has been used as much for reading the unconscious and understanding aspects of our psyches as it has for fortune-telling purposes and, in fact, the first account of its divinatory use was over 350 years after the tarot's inception. We believe that, provided you approach this site with good intentions and with no aim to harm anyone, you will be assisted in applying its wisdom to improve your life.

About me

Welcome to!  My name is Elissa and I’ve been giving tarot readings for twelve years. My goal is to bring peace, understanding and enlightenment to your life through the tarot. I interpret the cards in a simple, easy to understand way, so the readings speak directly to you and move you forward in your life. I have helped many people work through many difficulties in their lives, providing insights and answers to their everyday questions, and I hope I can help you too!

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