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I just wanted to let you know how comforting and accurate your readings are. I have in the past felt that readings were either too vague or went on forever, that either left one wondering what they meant or not enough insight. After reading/using your site ...I feel I really have solid advice to go on. Thank you and your husband for great work!!

I'm going through a difficult time right now and can't begin to tell you how comforting and uplifting these readings are for me. I especially like the way you summarize the cards at the end. Something to remind "one" through the day of their reading. Food for thought as it's said.

There are people who say you can't get accurate readings unless you're sitting across from a reader. I find when I'm looking for an answer or something to think about your readings answer it for me. Amazing!!

Please feel free to post this. For these are my true feelings. Great job!! Thank you Elissa.

Barbara (mother and grandmother), Michigan

I just wanted to thank you for my tarot readings they have been right on the money.


Thanks for guidance. It really worked.

Ratneshwar, India

Thank you for sending me my Tarot Reading Report. To be quite honest, I was anticipating to receive positive news in regards to the question I had about my new business venture, telling me that everything would turn out alright and not to worry. I must admit, I felt shocked and saddened at first, to see that both the "Tower" and the "3 of Swords" cards came up in the reading which you did for me. Was not expecting that at all.

It wasn't until after I read my report several times, and really took the time to digest the information given, that I finally realized and understood just how much of a blessing receiving these two cards turned out to be. What a wonderful way for the Universe to deliver it's message to me and get my attention, LOL! Talk about not sugar coating anything and telling it like it is!

As for the first card that came up in my reading, the "Tower' reversed, which indicates that I may be resisting change, I found that to be so true! As much as I would like to start my own business, I also have a big fear of starting it. What an irony, huh? But I know that this fear stems from the lack of self confidence that I have been harboring for quite some time now, along with the other fear that I have, which is how others will perceive me. I guess I will need to start addressing these issues right away, instead of always just ignoring them as I have been doing.

As for the the second card that came up in the reading, "Three of Swords", which can indicate past hurtful experiences, disappointments, and let downs, I certainly can relate to all of those. This is definitely another area in my life which I know I really need to work on healing.

Having drawn these two cards in the reading, really helped me to open up my eyes, and forced me to confront the issues that are apparently continuing to hold me back from moving forward with my life, and starting my own business. Your interpretations and explanations of both the cards also helped me to better understand the reasons that I need to confront what's been holding me back, and how important it is for me to first make the changes within myself, before I can begin to move forward and achieve the successful business that I would like to achieve.

Bottom line, I'm really grateful that I received the cards that were dealt me, because had this not taken place, I would still be ignoring the issues at hand that are holding me back from making the positive changes in my life.

On a side note Elissa, I just wanted to let you know that I think you're a really Awesome tarot card reader! Your expert intuitive interpretation and explanation of the cards are spot on! Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare for my reading, writing it all out, and then sending the report as quickly as you did. The reading you did for me is very useful and helped me so much!

Please know that I perceive you as a sweet and caring person, who not only does a great job of giving expert tarot readings and amazing interpretations, but you also help others such as myself, by providing an honest and beneficial service, which is so needed in today's world. Keep up the great work!

I'm so glad that I discovered your website, but the best part of all this, is having "met" you in the process. Should the need arise for me to get any extra tarot readings, I will definitely contact you.

Just know that I, and I'm sure many of your other clients, are really grateful for the excellent service(s) that you personally provide us through your website. Not only are you a really awesome and proficient tarot reader, but you're also a natural when it comes to really wanting to help others and it shows!

God bless you for being the kind, helpful and honest person that you are. If only this world had more people like you in it, it would be a better place to live in!

Should I need any further insight into my situation, I will definitely contact you and request a standard reading.

Again, thank you and Many Blessings!

Maureen, Los Angeles

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Welcome to!  My name is Elissa and I’ve been giving tarot readings for twelve years. My goal is to bring peace, understanding and enlightenment to your life through the tarot. I interpret the cards in a simple, easy to understand way, so the readings speak directly to you and move you forward in your life. I have helped many people work through many difficulties in their lives, providing insights and answers to their everyday questions, and I hope I can help you too!

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