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Falling out with my relative - sample Tarot reading

A case study

A mother of two has been helping her parents move house so they can be closer to their grandchildren. It's been a frustrating time for her because they have been leaving her to do everything from dealing with agents to sorting out legal papers. The final straw came when her father went back on his promises to help out with child care, a blazing argument ensued and now they are not talking. What should she do? This Tarot reading depicts two opposing forces: activity indicated by the two Wands cards; and inactivity as shown by the High Priestess and Four of Cups. This suggests a need to be balanced in her approach. She decides to speak to him but to wait until her inner state is calm.

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There is a predominance of the suit of Wands. A dominance of Wands in a reading suggests action and activity. It is telling you about what you are doing, what you could be doing or what you or others have done.

There is a theme of looking inward with the cards of The High Priestess and Four of Cups. There is also a theme of inaction or stagnation with the cards of The High Priestess and Four of Cups

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